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Beekeeping Dobrovolný

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Beekeeping Dobrovolný

Beekeeper Václav

Our family honey bee farm lies below the Kolný hill, near the village of Taneček, in the north-western part of the Bohemian Central Uplands protected landscape area, in an altitude of 450 m above sea level. We keep bees in the beautiful and scenic landscape of North Bohemia, at the border of two areas of special designation: Bohemian Central Uplands and the Lusatian Mountains. It is the land attributed to the famous Czech 19th century romantic poet Karel Hynek Mácha. We are currently looking after about 150 bee colonies. One of our main goals is to maintain the high quality of our products, which is why we tend to keep the farm rather small. We pursue the traditional way of beekeeping, using extendable 39 x 24 hives and Langstroth 159 hives.

We are very proud of our knowledge of the local landscape, and we continuously work on developing it. Thanks to this we can distribute our apiaries across the bountiful and varied environment of the mixed broadleaf and coniferous woodlands, fruit orchards, near fishponds and on flowering meadows with richness of wildflower species. Our bees collect nectar in areas that are free of industrial pollution and on mostly small-scale or organically farmed land. We also greatly respect the needs of our bees and make sure the hives are placed in areas that are rich in bee pastures, and that each site provides plenty of resources for the bees. Our honey comes from a clean environment, which gives it its strong and pure taste, and an exceptional quality. Since 2016 our honey has been labelled as the “Regional Product of the Lusatian Mountains and the Mácha Land”.

“Love for the nature, for the landscape and for all the living things! Respect for tradition for the craft of beekeeping, and for the knowledge gathered by our ancestors! Responsibility for the future of our children and for the environment in which we live!” These statements sum up the mission of our beekeeping journey.

Our products and services



We produce high quality flower and honeydew honeys, mixed and single-flower (acacia, lime, heather, sunflower, and Phacelia). We also make creamed honey, and during the season it is also possible to order bits of fresh honeycomb.

Včelařské potřeby

Beekeeping equipment

Our e-shop offers a broad range of products for apiculture. Equipment for beekeepers, lined and full-wood hives, cut boards, excluders and all other accessories for beehives, as well as honey extractors, wax heaters, honey jars, feed for the bees, and much more.

Oddělky a matky

Nuclei and queens

We offer six-frame 39 x 24 nucs and a limited number of Langstroth 159 nucs, freely mated queens and mature brood combs. The individuals for breeding material are selected from our finest colonies. We have good knowledge of reintroducing bees into areas where bee colonies have died or where the plague of bee larvae had occurred previously.

Opylovací služby

Pollination services

We place our beehives in fruit orchards and near field crops. The hives are installed on mobile pallet bases by 16, and we can move approximately 60 colonies. Price is determined individually upon the specific conditions and distance.

Ušní a tělové svíce

Ear and body candles

Fine candles made of 100 % cotton cloth coated with beeswax and rolled into conical shape. All our ear and body candles are of supreme quality. Handmade candles with natural components are used for regeneration and prophylactic purposes.

Svíce ze včelího vosku

Beeswax candles

Outside the honey-making season we produce 100 % pure beeswax candles. They are made with hand-rolled wax separation walls. Pure beeswax candles release a lovely scent of honey, ionise the air, absorb odours, and please all the senses.

Výkup vosku

Beeswax buyout

We buy natural beeswax (wax cakes). The price is individual and depends on the purity of the wax. We only buy wax cakes from healthy colonies, we would not buy wax in combs. We are happy to come and collect larger amounts, and we pay cash. Current price is CZK 180 per kg.



We can provide advisory and assistance for applicants wishing to receive apiculture grants from regional budgets as well as from EU funds. We will be pleased to advise existing and beginning beekeepers, both on general beekeeping, as well as on establishing and starting a new apiculture business.

Demonstration apiary

The peak of the honey season

Since autumn 2015 we have been building a demonstration apiary, which is located in the garden adjacent to our business in the village of Taneček. This demonstration apiary is designed to hold educational events and beekeeping workshops for young children and pupils, as well as for the broad public. Through this project we want to increase people’s awareness about the traditional craft of beekeeping. We also grow traditional fruit tree varieties, herbs, and other crops that the bees prefer. The garden will also include a demonstration beehive, a functioning “klat” – a historical hollow tree hive – an educational shelter for outdoor workshops, and special areas for apitherapeutic activities. Excited children learning about beekeeping

Our visitors can watch bees at work through a transparent hive; upon a phone call arrangement they can also visit some of the working hives with an experienced beekeeper. Our demonstration apiary is supported by the funds of the Liberec Region and its completion is planned for autumn 2018.


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Beekeeping Dobrovolný
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